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Water cannons are known as monitors in the trade and are used to put out fires using a powerful spray of water. Monitors are used by fire departments across the U.S. and for other applications.

Off-Highway Vehicles

Novotechnik's sensor is used in Segway's i2 and x2 Personal Transporter (PT) models to sense the position of the handlebar enabling the rider to intuitively steer by merely leaning in the direction she or he desires to turn. This sensor has an independent redundant output for additional reliability and is an integral component in Segway's dynamic stability control, keeping the rider upright.

Amusement, Exploration & More

The London Eye was erected on the South Bank of the Thames to mark the new Millennium. One of the design criterions was that it had to be accessible by everybody. This includes the disabled. In order to enable people in wheelchairs to enjoy a ride, access is made by means of loading ramps. The positions of the loading ramps need to be accurately measured.

Food, Beverage & Pharma

A TX 2 Series of linear sensor detects the position of a cylinder used in an aseptic packaging machine. Used for sterile packaging in the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and chemical industries it enables accurate filling quantities.

Production Machinery

Used in a closed loop system to control motor speed and power output, the RSC 2800 Series angle sensor measures the rotary position of floating rollers on the machine.


Heavy equipment for agriculture, construction or even the harvester shown here, have benefitted from Vert-X 27 touchless rotary position sensors. These vehicles can subject sensors to high axial and radial forces. The Vert-X 27 is touchless and inherently experiences zero force and zero wear.

Material Handling & Robotics

A TEX Series linear position sensor is used to enable adjustment of the height of an automated tool trolley used in automotive assembly and other manufacturing plants.


When taking diagnostic 3D mammography images, it is necessary to gradually compress the patient’s breast for better diagnostic results. The manufacturer chose a PTP Series of open linear position sensors to accurately monitor the position of the breast compression plate, enable smooth movement of the plate and permit mechanical customization.


Malibu Boats makes watersports boats that create controllable wakes and waves that enable surfing and wakeboarding. The PowerWedge II is the world’s only watersports hydrofoil. It is a horizontally-oriented control surface in the back of Malibu’s boats and gets a boat ‘on plane’ quickly, then once on-plane, creates wakes up to five feet high. This makes for great wakeboarding.

Actuators and Valve Control

A well known actuator manufacturer needed more flexibility in placing an angle sensor for their new butterfly valve product. Novotechnik replaced their existing RSC 2800 non-contact sensor with their RFC 4800 touchless magnetic sensor enabling them to place the magnetic pickup in a separate location from the main sensor. The RFC 4800 sensor enabled increased precision and reduced hysteresis inherent in a shaft-type sensor.

Public Transportation

Our TIM non-contacting position transducers are mounted directly in the drive cylinder to ensure active transversal centering in the fast high-comfort trains being used by our customer since 1999.